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Okay so here I am back with you everyone and let us just do one thing i.e. sharing my experience with you as DIFFERENT DESTINATIONS MY EXPERIENCE;


IMG_20171226_100441.jpgThat is my photograph at Diu island

What I came to know when I visited the island first time is that,that Diu and Daman are different.

I hope you know that first of all before visiting that place

Okay so let me now get straight to the point i.e. what I liked & what I did not liked about this place:-

In case if you are wondering that what are the best places to visit in Diu so you get them using this link:-



But coming to the point like you would get to know what are the places to visit from the above link but how are the places to visit that you will get from this blog 🙂


One of the best places to visit as

1.   There is no major crowd here.

2.  There are no ticket system like you know for entering any monument etc. we are               charged but all those things are free here.

3.  The city is very well organised this refers as you are not going to face any parking issues,even there is no smell etc. of fishes and Swach Bharat Abhiyan is very excellently followed in this city.

4. An interesting thing are the beaches here literally saying they are very less crowdy very clean and the ravishing sea shore which just applies 4 moons to the scenery.

5.Other than these there are some nice architectures though not the best in class but are well maintained,You will like them trust me :-).

6.You can easily get 2 wheelers like Scooters or Bikes on rent to tour the city.

SO guys that’s it for the blog

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My Introduction


Let me introduce myself to you I am Bhavya Kothari and I am an engineering student pursuing my B.E. degree in the branch of Mechanical engineering.


That’s only what I am pursuing other than that I love and Like :-


2)no!!! I am also interested in Mathematics

3)I love Bollywood

4)Music in my soul

5)I understand dealing with the technology(That mobile phone world is love)

by the way Samsung is my favorite.

6) Travelling in my blood

7)okay!finally you are at the end of the page

Thanks for reading this or maybe tolerating this,anyways Thank-you.